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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

SB Tip #4

Something I do with my students every week is our Word of the Week. We have a snazzy vocabulary word that we study each Tuesday. Students are given a creative word map and we go to town! The first step is to look the word up in the online dictionary while it is projected on the SMART board. Using the SMART pen, we highlight and label different parts of the dictionary entry. See example:
Next, we do a similar practice by finding synonyms and antonyms using the online thesaurus. My Technology Helper has the special job of entering our special word of the week. My Teacher's Helper gets to fill in the word map that we model on the SMART board while everyone else fills in their graphic organizer at their seats:

I have compiled a collection of really cute graphic organizers that you can check out on Teachers Pay Teachers. Here are some examples:

Check out my collection by clicking: Vocabulary Collection

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