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Friday, January 18, 2013

SB Tip #6

Simply using Powerpoints, Prezis and SMART notebook lessons is one way I introduce topics or review concepts during my lessons. It is so nice to be able to stand next to the SMART board and give it a tap when I am ready to move onto the next slide. The students even seem to pay better attention to my lessons when they know I may pick someone to come up and advance the slides. If you do not have a SMART board but do have an LCD projector then I would recommend using the remote that came with your LCD projector or have a child sit at the computer and every time you say “the magic word” they click once.

Quick Tip: If you are like me and can’t keep up with small items in your room and you constantly misplace your LCD projector remote, create a Technology Helper to be one of your classroom jobs. My Technology Helper keeps the remote on his/her desktop and all I do is call out their name and “LCD please” and they turn it on. They even know how to operate the volume. The kids LOVE this job! My 2nd graders last year were even able to do this.

Back to my lessons…since I use my SMART board so often for lessons, I find that many of my students what to create SMART board lessons themselves. They were very interested in how I created my lessons (especially the ones with animated graphics). Therefore, this is another option for projects! A few months ago I did a Word Wizard project in my classroom and had each child choose a big vocabulary word they wanted to teach the class. Here is a FREE copy of the project details:

Check out some pictures of my students teaching their word:

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