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Tuesday, July 29, 2014 / 11 comments

I am linking up this week with iTeach 1:1 and Learning to the Core to discuss...QR Codes! Why do teachers love QR Codes so much? Because they are FREE, FUN and ENGAGING. If you are unfamiliar with QR Codes, click {HERE} for a quick run down.

Being in four different schools on a weekly basis and working with a large amount of K-5 teachers I find that teachers like to use QR codes as a center since students can scan QR codes to:
-check work they have completed off of task cards
-listen to a story that is being read aloud
-watch a video on an academic topic
-take them to a specific website for research or an activity
-complete academic scavenger hunts

When students use QR codes for the first time they are enthralled.  It is pretty magical! But imagine what kids will do when they are taught HOW to MAKE a QR code. Put your kids to work and let them do the creating! My favorite QR code generator is QR Stuff. There are hundreds of sites out there but that one is always my go to. Some activities that I have done in the past in which students make their own QR Codes include:

-4th grade students recording themselves reading books for a 1st grade class' library (they just pasted the QR code inside of the book cover). We used Vocaroo to create these QR Codes
-2nd grade students writing a math problem and making a QR Code for the answer (the teacher turned around and used their work as a center..she didn't even have to create anything!)
-5th graders made iMovies, uploaded them to Vimeo, and made a QR code out of the link to take home for parents to scan and watch
-5th graders made a Back to School Scavenger Hunt for their parents by writing clues, attaching them to QR codes and pasting the QR codes around the room (this was a collaborative effort!)
-3rd graders made QR codes that linked to their Google Presentation about Ancient Rome and pasted their QR Code to a diorama (two part project!)
-2nd graders made nonfiction posters and used QR codes to label and give information about different parts of their model (kind of like a real life Thinglink!)

If you do a Google search or explore on Pinterest you will find a thousand other ideas!

I saw this ad for pop up business cards the other day on Pinterest and posted the following idea on my Techie Teacher Facebook Page:

So I thought about doing this as a book report project this fall. Have students create pop up characters that hold a QR code that contains info/recordings about the characters in their story. Check out Vocaroo.com for making QR Code recordings!

If you missed my QR Code Back to School freebie from a few weeks ago, be sure to click the image below:

Those of you who just want to stick to the basics with QR Codes, check out some my task card TpT products. For the next week I am going to offer you a DEAL. Buy 3 get one FREE! If you purchase 3 of the following products, just email me (jgsmith628@gmail.com) to let me know which QR code product you would like as your freebie and I will email it to you ASAP :) Just let me know what your TpT username is in your email. Click on the pictures below for more specifics. They are in no particular order...


  1. Thanks for some new ideas on how to use QR codes in the classroom and Vocaroo!!

    1. You're so welcome! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. You have lots of creating ideas for using QR codes! I want to try having my kiddos read a story aloud and glue the QR code in the book. Great idea! Thanks for linking up!:)
    iTeach 1:1

    1. *creative, not creating! I so wish you could edit comments on here!

    2. Thank you, Kristin! Love your link ups :)

  3. These are great ideas for using QR codes--SUCH VARIETY!!! I can't wait to check them all out. Also, LOVE the 3-D QR code business cards!! It's Elementary, My Dear!

    1. Thanks, Lindsey! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Thanks so much for the incredibly informative post! Love the idea of having my kiddos create their own QR Codes to practice fluency-perfect idea! So many fun new ideas to get kids creating their own-love it! Thanks so much for linking up! :)

    Amanda and Aylin
    Learning to the Core

  5. Those QR code business cards are awesome, and I love the idea of having students make similar ones. They would be perfect for a unit of biographies.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Learning in the Little Apple

  6. I love the idea of the 3-D card. I introduce Google Docs using an all about me paragraph. Then the students record themselves reading it. Now I know where to attach the QR code to! Thank you :)


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