Number Patterns

Monday, November 3, 2014

Third graders at one of my elementary schools made their own QR Code task cards today all about number patterns. The teacher assigned each child a special "rule" and students used the program, Pixie, to type a number pattern and draw a creative "function machine" to represent an input and output centered on the same rule. We saved their Pixie creation as a jpeg and uploaded it to a Powerpoint slide. Next, we visited a simple QR Code Generator website and the students created a QR code that would reveal the correct answer when it is scanned. We saved the QR code to the desktop and imported them into the same Powerpoint slide. Each student was able to print his/her task card. Later this week the students will use their task cards and the school's iPod Touches as a math center. Way to go 3rd grade getting your students to be the creators!
From November 3, 2014
Check out this number patterns interactive:

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