Blab: Technology Tuesday Talk Show!

Friday, October 30, 2015 / Leave a Comment

Mark your calendar for THIS 
 November 3rd 
9:00 pm ET.

I am teaming up with Tech with Jen and Tech with Chad to do our first Blab show all about technology. We want YOU to come learn and interact with us!

Have you heard about Blab? It is defined as...

The internet’s most interesting interviews, talk shows, casual hangouts, debates, discussions, and live workshops in one place.

Blab comes both web-based and as an app. 2-4 people can be on air at once while the audience can participate through the live chat. Anyone can "call in" and take a seat on air!

Simply sign up with your Twitter account and you will be good to go! We will post the link to our show on our Facebook pages (click HERE to follow The Techie Teacher page) and Twitter feeds (click HERE to follow The Techie Teacher on Twitter) Tuesday evening so you can hop on and join us.

Come help mold our Blab sessions and tell us want you would like to discuss/learn that relates to educational technology. 


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