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Natural Disasters PBL: Please Vote!

Friday, February 13, 2015 / 3 comments
One of my third grade teachers, Ms. Shannon Szakal, has a class who is working hard on creating structures that would keep them safe in the midst of a natural disaster.  She states, "My third graders never cease to amaze me, and only go to show that they're only limited by the boundaries we set for them."

Students researched, collaborated, planned, designed, and built structures based on what they learned about the storm that they chose (hurricane, tornado, tsunami, flood, earthquake).  Collaborative Google Docs were used to compile research, different programs of choice (Pixie, Google Drawing, iPad Drawing app) were available for groups to choose to sketch their structure, and Legos/other materials were used to actually construct their creation. Students then brought in an element of measurement as they measured the area, perimeter and height of their structure. Finally, in their groups, students chose a platform of their choice (Powerpoint, Movie Maker, ipad app) to explain their creation. It just so happened that all of the groups thought it would be best to convey their explanations by using an ipad so we ended up giving them the choice of using the following apps: Educreations, Screenchomp, Tellagami or Videolicious. It was an amazing process to watch, and I'm so proud of all of them (especially Ms. Szakal who carried this out!).  We'd love for you to check out the final products, visit their blog to leave a comment, and share for others to see!  We are so excited to hear what you have to say!

 Here's the Hurricane Structure:

 Seek Higher Ground in a Flood:

trim.9B19F265-FF64-4EE9-883C-8E53C6A2C790 from Julie on Vimeo.


IMG 0457 from Julie on Vimeo.


To leave a comment for these students to view, please click {HERE}.


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