Main Idea vs Detail Tech Project: FREEBIE

Wednesday, October 7, 2015 / Leave a Comment

Have you ever used Pixiclip with your students? This FREE web tool has so many uses that the possibilities are endless. Basically it is an interactive whiteboard. You can upload images, draw sketches, record/annotate and share with friends. I LOVE that you have the option for a webcam to capture and display as students are working. This feature seems to keep the kids more focused since they know the cam is capturing every moment they are working.

This week I had the mission to help 5th graders with identifying the main idea and details in passages. I thought Pixiclip would be the perfect tool to use! Students chose one passage from the pack below that is FREE for YOU. Passages correlate with different 5th grade Virginia Science SOL topics. The passages come as PDFs (for students who do not have access to technology) and JPEGs in this pack. Have your students select a jpeg that they want to work with and save it somewhere to their computer. Our district has a student server that allows us to distribute items like this for students to easily access. If you do not have a student server, then I would suggest uploading them to a shared Google folder or a Comemories site that your students can get to with ease.

Click the image to take you to this FREE download

I showed the students how Pixiclip works and they went to town with their passages. Seriously...I have never seen kids SO excited to dissect a reading passage. They couldn't WAIT to use the highlighter tool and talk about the main idea and details. THIS IS WHY I LOVE MY JOB. Boring, laborious tasks become so engaging when technology is involved.

Here was the example I showed (this tool is still in Beta version so the audio doesn't sound amazing.) Click the Pixiclip icon in the lower right hand corner to take you to the full screen version:

 Check out some of today's final products:


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