How to create QR Codes

Happy Thursday everyone! I have received a lot of questions about how to create and embed QR codes in documents created for the classroom. Here is a quick video I made this morning that should give you a better idea about how this can be done:

Head on over to Nikki's Sent from My iPad blog and check out the document she made that you could send home to parents that explains the purpose of QR Codes!


  1. Hey Julie! Thanks for linking up with my page for this resource! I have tons of posts on QR Codes too! Your blog is adorable. I love the clipart! Did you buy it or make it yourself? Super cute!

  2. Thanks, Nikki! The clipart came from Ashley Hughes…she has a bunch of technology clipart for sale on TpT!

  3. Julie,
    This was a great tip! Thanks so much for sharing. I agree with Nikki, your blog is adorable! I am your newest follower!
    Kindergarten Boom Boom