SMART board vs. Brightlink

SMART board vs. Brightlink

I have decided to dedicate my first full week of blogging to my one true educational love: my SMART board! Each day for the next week I am going to share how I use my SMART board in different ways in the classroom. Now, if you do not currently have a SMART board or Bright Link in your classroom, I encourage you to continue reading. There are many ways you can still incorporate these tips into your classroom that I will mention throughout the week. At the end of last year some of our teachers at our school were told that they were receiving either a SMARTboard or Brightlink and that they needed to figure out which they wanted. Well, if you do not know much about technology then how are you suppose to know what you want?!?! Therefore, I created this document to show the major differences between the two:

Tomorrow I will post tip #1 so stay tuned J

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