QR Codes have started to make a big appearance in the classroom. Why? Because it is SO fun to scan that black and white box and have an answer revealed.  All you need is a device that can download apps. Most QR Reader Apps are FREE. I taught my students how to use a QR reader with some taskcards I created and now I can send home assignments with QR Codes. What is better than self-checking homework?! Both the students and parents love this; after all, it frees up the parents from having to check their child’s homework! Here is a QR Code Multiplication FREEBIE:
Click HERE for the FREEBIE

If your kids enjoy this activity, I have more practices like this in my TeachersPayTeachers store. Click HERE. Also, check out my QR Code Task Cards:
         Click HERE to take you the the Task Cards


  1. I love your QR Code Activities, especially the multiplication and word problems. You are very tech-creative!


    Teaching With Moxie

  2. How did you make those task cards w/ the qr codes? I am trying to make my own and am having a tough time finding out how to put the qr code together. Help! : ) I've made plenty of task cards w/o the qr, but the kids LOVE the qr! Thanks in advance!