Have you heard about SCOOTPAD? This past summer was the first time I discovered this fabulous, FREE educational program and I decided to put it to the test in my 3rd grade classroom this year. I have been blown away with the online program that personalizes math and reading instruction for each individual child. The best part of the computer program is how much my students LOVE it. Both parents and the teacher can provide rewards that students earn with special coins and points. The more practices the students do with a passing percentage, the more points they earn. My students trade in their points for classroom rewards such as: eat lunch in the classroom, no homework pass, piece of candy, pencil, sit anywhere in the room for the day, etc.) Teachers provide the parents with the log-in information so they can access their child's progress at home as well as add rewards and incentives. Some of my students prefer trading in their points for rewards their parents have set up such as: extra TV time, go out for ice cream, go to CiCis, pick an item at the Dollar Store, etc.. All you have to do is create a FREE teacher account and set up your class. It is very user friendly and easy to use. I hear that in the beginning of February it will be going through a "make-over". I can't wait to see what they come up with next!  Here is a quick video that will give you more information about the program. I HIGHLY recommend Scootpad for any K-5 classroom.

My favorite thing about this program is that it is also an App for iPads, iPods, Kindles and more! While 5 students practice on my classroom desktops, three more can practice on my iPads and iTouch…