Thank you for visiting my Techie Teacher blog! I am just beginning the journey of blogging for the first time and I can't wait to add more and more to this site throughout 2013. I decided to name my blog "The Techie Teacher" because teaching with technology is my true passion. 21st century skills are rapidly increasing and our world is forever changing with technology advancements. I would like to say that I do not think technology is the be all end all for education. Some good ole' paper & pencil as well as craft time is needed here and there. However, I find teaching with technology to be fun and lively. Often times I tend to get those very unmotivated  students who would give anything to escape the classroom. Nine times out of ten I find that technology is the tool that reaches their needs and captivates them into the world of learning. Why? Is it the fun animations? The color and sound? The hands on nature? The ability to create something new? Who knows! Yet, this is the way children relate to our world; our digital world.

My hope is to help spread ideas and provide help to those who are interested in embedding technology into their lessons but don't know how to or even maybe scared to begin. Keep checking back weekly for updates and give me some ideas of what you are interested in learning about!