Using SMART board for brain breaks

Finally…Tip #7!
I love using my SMART board for brain breaks to get my students up and moving. There are a ton of free activities on SMART exchange that allow the children to throw soft items at targets which are displayed on the board. This activity in the picture below has the children hit a snowflake and they have to do whatever action pops up (jumping jacks, push ups, mountain climbers, etc.)
Check out my Pinterest Brain Break board to find ideas of other brain breaks :)

I knew it would be hard to jam everything I do with my SMART board into just one week. So of course I need to add a little extra to Tip #7. This one is so easy but the kids get a kick out of it. When we do Reader's Theaters we work together to come up with a background that is displayed on the SMART board. I show my students how to make it on Powerpoint and how to look up images on Google. This gets them really thinking about SETTINGS. We recently did Greek Plays during our Ancient Greek Unit. Check out King Midas' Castle…

There was even a scene change:
Here is Athena and Arachne:

And Pandora's Box: