Classroom Job: Technology Helper

Like many teachers, one of my classroom jobs is TECHNOLOGY HELPER. They turn the computers on in the morning, man the computer when we do research as a class and manage the iPad sign out. However, last year I implemented a new task that I will use for the rest of my teaching career…

How many of you have an LCD projector that you turn on and off many times a day? How many of you are like ME and constantly misplace the remote control and get frustrated when you have everyone's attention and then have to stop to locate it? I even tried making a designated spot for my remote, but it didn't help when I was the other side of the room. Now my technology helper keeps the remote on the top of their desk and when I say "Technology Helper LCD please", they know what to do! This has been a "simple" lifesaver for a teacher who is always on the MOVE :)


  1. I have a Geek Squad in my classroom. It has saved my sanity! The kids can't come ask me computer questions. They have to go to the geek squad person. If he/she can't fix it, they come to me. The kids love this job!


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  2. Geek Squad..hahahhaha I LOVE IT!

  3. Oh my gosh! I tend to lose my remote to my projector as well - too funny! My kiddos have learned to look out for it (it's usually on the front table, but if it's not, they always ask, "Is it on your desk?" and one gets up to look!).

    Love your blog! Like you, I am definitely a "techie", but I can't ever seem to find enough time to fit it all in! My favorite piece of equipment in my room right now is my SMART Table. I've made several activities for it since there's not a ton out there right now! I'm envious about the iPads!

    Found you on the Virginia linkup - check out my blog as well!

    :) Chrissy