Ideas for Comparing Fractions Learning Centers

Today we had a very FUN yet educational day during math centers. Our focus skill was comparing fractions. This is a very difficult skill for elementary students but they seemed to finally catch on after today's centers! These are the 5 centers that my students visited:

1. Computer Center: Students logged onto the following website and had to make whole cookies out of fraction pieces. The game forces the students to use different fractions in order to form more and more cookies. This was GREAT practice and the kids LOVED it. Website: http://www.visualfractions.com/CookiesF.html.
2. With the Teacher: I created a card game that I call "Beat the Teacher". My students liked this game so much that they asked if they could get a copy of the cards to take home and play! You can check this game out at my TeachersPayTeachers store. Click HERE. Two games are included: one regular game and one higher level comparing fractions game which is great for differientation.

3. iPad Center: I only have 3 iPads (one of which is my own personal iPad!) so I had students partner up and work on the following $1.99 app (click on the picture below to take you to the app at the App Store):

4. Smart Board Center: My students played the Lakeshore Learning Fractions of the Pizza Interactive Game. This game can be purchased as an instant digital download or as a CD for $14.99 from Lakeshore Learning.

5. Seat work: Students completed and handed in the following FREE worksheet on comparing fractions (click on the picture to take you to the printout):