iPad Sign Out FREEBIE

Do you have a limited amount of iPads for student use? When I started bringing my own iPad to school for my students to use (yes, ONE iPad for 26 students), I created this iPad Sign Out Sheet to track who had been using the iPad throughout the day. My students knew that they could only have their name on the sheet once per day and that they could work on the iPad 10 minutes max. Even though I now have two more iPads to use in the classroom, I still use this method. Although I use this sign out sheet as well as a bathroom sign out sheet for "tracking", I have an ulterior motive. These sign out sheets help students practice reading a clock without even thinking twice about it! Usually I start out the year with my 2nd graders using a digital clock that I bought from Office Max ($2.99) to write down the time. Once I teach my students how to read an analog clock, that digital clock vanishes :) They learn very quickly the importance of reading a clock and they love to check to make sure their peers write down the correct time. Click the image below to take you to the FREEBIE.

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