Research Tool Website: Instagrok.com

I am not sure about other state tests, but Virginia 3rd grade SOL tests had graphic organizers all over our tests this year! Graphic organizers are awesome tools to help organize information and I use them a lot. However, I want to combine graphic organizers and technology more in my 2nd grade classroom this upcoming year (yes..I am headed back to 2nd..woooo weeee!)

One idea I am going to try out with the little ones is using www.instagrok.com research search engine. Have you heard of it? It spits out information about topics in GRAPHIC ORGANIZER form! I will probably use this more with whole class research in the beginning and then see how the kids manage it on their own. Here are some pictures of what popped up when I entered Ancient Egypt:
Words, pictures and links are included!

You can share your creation! What a great study tool to email out to parents...

There is a tab that contains "more" information: videos, images, links, etc.. So cool!
This button is unreal and is every teacher's dream. I am going to name it the Differentiation Button. The closer the green dot is to the chalkboard, the easier the words and concepts become 
in the web. Move it closer to the Einstein, the more challenging and detailed the information becomes. L-O-V-E this!

Stay tuned to read about iPads and graphic organizer apps…

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