How to Symbaloo and Giveaways!

This week I am going to be at a technology conference presenting on the social bookmarking website: Symbaloo. Many bloggers have written awesome blog posts about this incredible website. Here is a quick Symbaloo 101 video I put together in case you are interested in just learning the basics. K-2 teachers out there... Symbaloo webmixes might change your life in the classroom! Check it out…

Symbaloo from Julie on Vimeo.

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I also wanted to link up with Matt over at Digital, Divide and Conquer who has a great iPad linky going on. 

If you are looking for a fun, innovative app for writing and/or presenting, check out Tellagami. You create stories called Gamis and can share your gami with everyone. It is a lot like creating Vokis (see www.voki.com); however, you can upload your own background picture! Students can either record their own voice or type in their message. 
Here is an example of a gami:

I am going to try and get teachers this year to use this app for:
-building fluency
-reporting on topics
-content area presentations
-homework (they answer a question using their gami)
-anticipatory sets for lessons
How else could we use this app in the classroom? Leave a comment!
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  1. Julie,
    Thanks so much fo linking up and sharing. I laughed at the video "a more handsomer version of yourself".

    I had no idea that Tellagami mimiced it like that...very cool. I'm definitely using it with students this year.


  2. As always, thank you for reminding me to do the TCR sign up thing. I've entered 10 times now. You're going to have to post every day to remind me so I can get more entries. LOL!
    I love using Symbaloo! I hope my kids like it this year too! I'm digging the Tellagami! I will have to introduce this to my kiddos also!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'