iPad Introduction FREEBIE

This week some fabulous teachers invited me into their kindergarten and first grade classrooms to introduce the students to the classroom iPads. We went over a few rules each teacher created, made an iPad promise by putting our fingerprint and name on the "rules" poster and then had a chance to experiment with a few of the apps. I was blown away with how quickly the little ones learned how to navigate around to the different screens. One first grader even knew about the app search feature in which he proceeded to type in the names of apps to be searched on the iPad! Amazing... Check out the fun we had: Introduction to iPads on PhotoPeach

 One app that the students enjoyed was Farmyard. It is a FREE app that students use to create a scene with farm animals. We related our scenes to math problems (ex. 5 cows were in the field. If I add 6 more, how many would there be in all? ELEVEN!) One little first grader impressed me with his computation skills. He said, "If 19 ducks were in the pond and four walked away, how many are left? FIFTEEN!" Here was his creation: Screen shot 2013-09-10 at 10.24.21 AM
 Click HERE for a copy of the iPads I used to make the poster. Glitter Glue created the AWESOME iPad clipart! I highly suggest you check out the clipart they have in their TpT store! You can add your own iPad rules on the first iPad that is provided.