Zoo Burst 3D Book Creator

Have you heard about ZooBurst 3D Pop-Up Books? I just tried it out for the first time today and had a blast! Head over to zooburst.com to check it out yourself! It also comes as a free app.

You can set up a free account that will allow you to create 10 books…this would be a great way to get your students to collaborate together! Book reports, research presentations, and all sorts of fun projects could be done using this tool. Those of you who are into the Augmented Reality would be happy to know there is a AR feature that really make these books come alive!

ZooBurst Premium accounts seem to offer a plethora of extra special features: voice recordings, student accounts and the list goes on! Here is a ZooBurst book I made in about 10 minutes today:


  1. I am so excited I happened upon your blog. I am currently getting my Master's in Instructional Technology and am always looking for new ways to present in my classes with programs that I can also use with my students. I just told my grad school reading group about this post and we may be trying out zooburst for our next presentation. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Awesome!!! I hope you have fun using it:) Thanks for stopping by:)