Powerpoint/Keynote Voice Over Recordings

Lately I have been collaborating with a lot of teachers who are having their kids create Keynotes (Apple's version of Powerpoint). It is amazing how quickly (even for 2nd graders) the students catch on to adding transitions and animations! Did you know that your students can record their voices presenting their presentation on the computer? Basically it turns their Powerpoint/Keynote into a movie. See below to find out where to go in Powerpoint and Keynote to record the slideshow. It is SUPER easy and I have been surprised how many teachers never knew this existed. Once students record their slideshow, we export them into a Quicktime video. From there you can easily upload the Quicktime videos to Vimeo.com or any other video hosting site. Share the Vimeo link with parents or even embed their presentations on your class blog/website!

To record your slideshow in Powerpoint, go to Slide Show and then Record Slideshow.

To record your slideshow in Keynote, go to File and then Record Slideshow.

Check out this 4th grade student sample. I thought this student was very creative by having two different characters present the information.

Weather Tools from Julie on Vimeo.

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