Voice Recording Websites

There are two easy to use websites that are GREAT for fluency practice. RecordMP3.org and Vocaroo.com turn recordings into MP3s that can be saved to your computer. They both produce links that can be sent home to parents so they can listen to their child read. Vocaroo is really neat because it provides embed codes for your blog/website and can even turn your recording into a QR Code. Check out this quick tutorial about these two sites...

1 from Julie on Vimeo.

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  1. Hey Julie--Thanks for the great ideas for students to record themselves. Is there a special type of microphone that you use? I've tried to have the kids record themselves before but the sound quality wasn't great. Any suggestions? Thanks!! Lori M

  2. I'm also familiar with Audacity and Fotobabble. Thanks for exposing me to these different audio website.I'll check them out.
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