Solid, Liquid and Gas Kindergarten iPad Lesson

Today I had a teacher invite me into her room to work with her students in small groups on the iPads. She wanted them to work on something to do with their matter unit on solids, liquids and gases. We had a BALL with their creations...

First, I had the students go into the app: Kidspiration. This app is $9.99 but there is a FREE Lite Version; however, I highly recommend investing in the paid app. Students searched for 3 different images: one that represented a solid, one that was a liquid and one that was a gas. The kindergarten students had no problem locating a solid. The liquids and the gases were a bit tricker. I showed them how to use the search feature to type in "liquid" and then "gas":
I love how Kidspiration will pull up many examples in each category!

Next, we saved our work the the Camera Roll and uploaded the pictures to the app, Screenchomp. Students recorded while annotating their explanation for their image choices. Check out Rilea's:

Kindergarten Matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas from Julie on Vimeo.

Screenchomp is incredible because it provides a website link for each video created. This teacher can send the links home to her students' parents for them to view at home! NOTE: The first time you open Screenchomp it prompts you to enter a birthdate. Be sure to enter an adult's birthday or else the website link feature will not work (I guess it doesn't want to give kids links!). I learned that the hard way one day...