Real World Geometry

Today Mrs. Turner's 2nd graders at Glen Allen Elementary made Keynote presentations about the differences between Plane Figures and Solid Figures. Students were given {this} Keynote template and were asked to find 2D and 3D real world pictures that would be appropriate for each slide. I had previously pulled several images that represented 2D shapes and each solid figure. Those pictures were placed in {this} Comemories site that students visited to grab their choice of pictures for their Keynote. Once pictures were placed, students had to add how many faces, edges and vertices each solid figure contained. We wrapped up the lesson by having the children record themselves presenting their Keynote. Check out Mackenzie and Keri's cute presentations (the converting from Keynote to QuickTime to Vimeo caused a little bit of a lag for the advancing of their slides):
  Mackenzie from Julie on Vimeo. Shapes Keynote from Julie on Vimeo.