FREE K-2 Math App: Slate Math

My county is in the process of switching platforms...Apple-->Dell. However, we are keeping iPads in the K-2 classrooms AND making the devices a 1:3 ratio...woo hoo!! Therefore, we have been busy preparing for the platform migration and planning for the iPad image for the K-2 classrooms. One of my fellow ITRTs stumbled upon this little app gem:
Both of us couldn't believe we had never seen this app before. It was even published in May 2013. Anyway, this FREEBIE contains 38 different activities that focus on the foundation of numbers, digit writing, counting, order relation, patterns, parity and problem solving. Math teachers have endorsed this app and it is a product of choice for developing early age math problem solving and quantitative reasoning.

Students can easily and quickly create their own profile and choose an avatar to represent themselves:

Here are just a few snapshots of some of the activities you will find in this app:

You can see that it is very interactive and entertaining. Definitely download this app on your iPads if you haven't done so already!

I know many of you are wrapping up your schools year either this week or next week. Need a fun little time filler activity? Well, you can download my End of the Year Powerpoint Activity for FREE for the next hour. Please just leave some feedback :) Check it out: