Tune Into Technology Linky: iPads

Transferring Files From iPads to Teacher Computer

I am linking up this week with iTeach 1:1 and Learning to the Core to discuss...iPADS! iPads are rapidly making their way into the elementary classroom, and if used correctly, can be a very effective instructional tool. My job as an ITRT is to show teachers how to use these devices to maximize student learning and creativity. I noticed that a lot of my teachers this past year were strictly using iPads as a center to practice skills using various game based apps. It was my goal to get into the classroom to demonstrate more open ended apps that could be used to differentiate a variety of learning levels. For example, instead of using an app to practice multiplication recall (which I am in no way knocking), we took it to the next level. We made multiplication practice more open ended by having students explain the concept of multiplication. This was done by creating a word problem and representing an array using stamps in Kidspiration and uploading their creation into Screenchomp to record and annotate the mathematical process. Kids LOVE creating and if you convince them that they are making something that will TEACH someone else their age, most of them will be up for the challenge and really get into it. My teachers were very excited about the new open ended apps I was showing their kids but their only concern was how to get their student work OFF of the iPad to display/show parents and other teachers. This is the topic of my blog post :)

There are many different ways to share iPad creations but today I am going to show you my favorite:
Drop It To Me. I do show my teachers how to use Google Drive and the Dropbox app but the younger grades LOVE Drop It To Me since it is so E-A-S-Y.

Step 1: If you do not already have a Dropbox account, register for a FREE one. Click here: Dropbox

Step 2: Register your Dropbox account with Drop It To Me. Be sure to pick a child friendly password and not a password you use for other accounts

Step 3: For easy management, bookmark your Drop It To Me website that you created (dropitto.me/yourusername) on all of your iPads

Here is a quick video tutorial I created to SHOW how this can be accomplished:

Dropittome from Julie on Vimeo.

I forgot to mention something in the video for those of you not familiar with Dropbox. There are two different ways you can access Dropbox from your computer. One, just go to Dropbox.com and login. The easier method is to install Dropbox on your computer. You will see in the video that when I went to my Dropbox account all I did was click on the little icon that was installed in the toolbar of my computer: All of my files popped up automatically! I think that is the quickest way :)