Webcam Toy Chrome Extension

Today one of my coworkers shared with me a pretty neat Chrome extension called Webcam Toy. Our district just switched platforms and our new laptops do not currently have a webcam. I do SO much with kids and the camera in our lessons that I have been concerned about this issue. Thank goodness Chrome has come to the rescue!

Open Chrome and head to the app store and download Webcam Toy. It reminds me a lot of Apple's Photo Booth without the green screen effects. I will really miss being able to insert our own backgrounds but check out the different options (excuse all of these selfies):

SNOW: It is amazing how the snow will stick to your head or hands and then you can shake it off!





Here are a few more options for effects:

You get a lot of BANG without even having to spend a buck!

Once you take a picture you can save it to your computer or publish it to a social media site:

LOVE this app extension! How could you use this with your students? I would love to hear your ideas! Some ideas might include but are not limited to:

-teaching character traits/emotions with the Quad effect
-writing prompt visual (would make a cute bulletin board with student pictures!)
-selfie project: beginning of the year getting to know you activity
-use the book The Bad Case of Stripes and take pictures using the Rainbow effect for a writing activity
-teaching habitats using the ocean effect
-symmetry: left or right mirror effect or kaleidiscope effect
-make a Wanted poster
-long ago vs. today with vintage or black and white effect
-geometry: taking pictures with different 3D objects
-showing time on Judy clocks and then have each other name the time displayed in the picture

I'm sure I will dream of a hundred more ways to use this once I hit the sack. Please share your ideas by commenting below!