Internet Research for Grades 3-5

The world of research has come a LONG way since I was in elementary school. I remember going to the library to locate nonfiction texts using the card catalogue and sitting down with my book to take notes on white notecards. It was never easy and it was NEVER fun for me. I really believe I would have enjoyed research so much more if I had had access to the internet!

Children today have the internet at their finger tips. Therefore, we need to TEACH them how to use it correctly for research. Often times I see kids just "Googling" topics and reading anything that pops up on their screen. We need to teach them the basics of internet research:

   -what makes a website reliable
   -tips and tricks for better search results
   -how to take notes
   -how to site sources from web resources
   -how to find copy right free images for their reports/presentations

The foundations of research skills begin in elementary school and travel with a student through college and then into their field of work. Even though I'm not in school I find myself researching the latest educational technology practices on a daily basis. I make sure my sources are reliable and up to date.

How can you tell whether or not a website is reliable? Here are a few ways:

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Using keywords is always a difficult concept during research time. I also have a Powerpoint that will help your kiddos with this skill: