Collaborative Patterns in Google Drawing

This past week a 3rd grade teacher invited me to her classroom to do a lesson on repeating patterns in Google Drawing. We divided the class in half, even and odd numbers according to their student numbers. Each even number was assigned an odd number partner. Even number partners created a Google Drawing Doc within their class' shared folder and titled their drawing with their number and their partner's number. Within seconds, their partner had their drawing doc pop up in the shared folder and they were able to pull it up with one click. This was SO much easier then having the kids share their doc by typing in their partner's email address! We showed the kids how to use the comment and chat feature to communicate since they weren't sitting next to each other. The room was SILENT and their little minds went to work! They didn't come up with the most challenging and in depth patterns; however, this was their first time working with Google Drawing and they did such a wonderful job working together to make their final product. When time was up, the odd number partner got to post their Pattern Drawing onto their Google Classroom stream. Their teacher gave them a few minutes at the end to view each others' work and make comments. Way to go 3rd graders. Here are some pics from the lesson:

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Have you ever used Google Drawing with your students?