Digital Fishbone Diagram and Hamburger Paragraph Diagram

The past two days I have blogged about some of the cool and E-A-S-Y to use digital tools from classtools.net. Today I want to show two more tools from this website:

I LOVE the fishbone diagram that can help your students organize their thoughts before writing. Can you do this on paper? Of course you can! However, I remember my little 2nd graders having such a hard time writing on the small lines and when they were finished it just looked like one jumbled mess. This digital tool not only cleans up the look of the final product, it also COLOR CODES each section. This is what it looks like before the child starts:

Here is one I created. You can print, grab a link or even embed code for your creations:

Another neat tool from this website is the Hamburger graphic organizer. I always used this to teach my 2nd grade students how to write a solid paragraph and my 5th grade students how to write multi-paragraph essays. I remember doing everything possible to get them to remember a beginning, middle and end. We would even make mini editable hamburgers:

Classtools.net has a digital hamburger graphics organizer your students can fill out:

Such a great visual!