Highlighting Clipart Freebies: Link Up!

Don't let the title of my post fool you. IIIII personally do not have free clipart to giveaway. I consider it an accomplishment if I can successfully draw a stick figure. However, I am AMAZED at how many talented artists out there offer such fabulous and FREE clipart packs for untalented artists like me to download. Being that it is the season to give thanks, I wanted to give a shout out to some amazing "sharers" and give Y-O-U the opportunity to check out and download their work. Just be sure to leave POSITIVE feedback to show your appreciation :)

First up is Graphics From The Pond. Seriously, if you haven't already, go to this store and Click

It will blow your mind...SO many awesome and FREE clipart sets, digital paper and frames!

Check out the cute ladybugs.

And the paw prints!

The Stitched Christmas trees are a must :)

Another talented artist is Glitter Meets Glue. Who doesn't love glitter??!!

These bookworms are too cute!

Tons of cute frames!
I know many of my schools have a "Superhero" theme this year. This set of clipart from Clipart Queen sure came in handy:

Superhero Kids
Cartwheel Turkeys? YES, please!
Perhaps one of the most generous artists on TpT is Krista from Creative Clips. She is SUPER popular and has a special gift for creating such cute sets. Some of my faves are:

Thumbs Up and Down

Caterpillar Cuties

Little Monsters

Krista has SIX pages of all sorts of freebies. THANK YOU!!

Need some turkeys? Head over to Lita Lita's store!

Need some CUTE dice? Head on over to Teaching in the Tongass' store!

Turkey dice! She also has FREE apple, snowflake, pumpkin, and carrot themed dice!

Teacher's Clipart has some cute sets too:

Another super generous artist is from Zip-a-de-doo-da. Literally they have every kind of smiley face you can imagine for FREE:

Gotta get another Thanksgiving themed set on here! Checkout the pumpkin pie clipart from Kady Did Doodles:

And the cute roller skates!

Okay, ONE more. I could go on for days!!! Check out these cute notebooks and movie clipart from Teacher Karma:

So THANK YOU wonderful creators for sharing your talents with me and the rest of the TpT world! There isn't enough time in the day to highlight all of the wonderful clipart artists' generosity. So if YOU have some FREE clipart and/or digital frames and paper or have downloaded free clipart that you would like to highlight, please link up below!