PhotoMath App: Guest Post

Guest post from Tyler Hart:
I just ran across an amazing app that could be extremely helpful in the classroom! PhotoMath is an app that will solve math problems simply by using your camera on your phone. Being obsessed with Augmented Reality, and this app having an AR feel, I was quickly hooked! Now, I can see teachers saying, “Why would I want an app that gives my students the answers?” My favorite feature:  The How-To Steps. After answering the question, the app allows you to flip through the steps on how to solve the problem. This would be an awesome way to help students walk through order of operation problems. Now, this app just became available a couple weeks ago, so there still are some higher level problems that the app cannot handle, but the company is working to update the app!
Below is an example I did off my computer screen.  The first picture is a problem I scanned off my computer, and you will notice the red box with the “12” as the answer.  I then clicked through each screen on the app to go through the steps of how to solve the problem.  Check it out!
End of post.

After Tyler wrote about this app, I downloaded PhotoMath and tried it out myself. It is pretty awesome and such a great way for students to check their work!