Regions of the US and County History

Last Friday several ITRTs met up at a one of our elementary schools to work with the 5th grade classes on Henrico History and regions of the US. It was such a fun-filled techie day. Check it out:

We kicked off the session with a brain warm-up by using the classroom response system, PlickersPlickers is a POWERFUL tool that allows teachers to collect real time formative assessment data WITHOUT the need for student devices. Each child received a Plicker card to respond to five warm up questions that were displayed on the board along with a response graph and scanned with an iPhone. Basically, plickers are giant QR Codes!

From November 25, 2014

The ITRT crew then divided the students into groups. Each group of 5th graders worked on a different Social Studies project.

My “app smash” station was conducted on the ipads to review the five US regions: West, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest. Students navigated to the site, Comemories, to select one of the preloaded US map images to save to the camera roll. Next, they imported their selected image into the app, Skitch, to label the different regions of the US map. The students saved their labeled map to the camera roll and then imported it into the app, Shadow Puppet. Here, students presented their creation and turned their mini project into a video. Check out some of the final products:

Jim Covais and Matt Caratachea had their group make short videos on one of six important geographical areas in North America. Each student chose an area, then used Dell Webcam Central to share facts and easily saved it by dragging the video clip out of the program onto their desktops. Every member of the group then imported their video along with some pre-selected pictures into Windows Movie Maker. The students added their recording and at least two pictures to their project. To add a little spice the students put transitions between pictures and the video clip, added titles, and even recorded voice overs within Windows Movie Maker. Check out an example:

Stephanie Wright and Jessica Robinson had their groups create their own Henrico Instagram selfies. The students started by opening an Instagram template on their laptops. This template opened in ActivInspire. They plugged in their “pretend” usernames and locations and then accessed images of Henrico located on the HCPS Virtual Share. They dumped their chosen image into their template and sized it accordingly. After their image was set they used the Dell Webcam to take their own selfie. We then used the point-to-point tool in ActivInspire to trim around their image. After sizing their image they placed themselves into the Henrico image. We wrapped up this activity by adding a description and creating various hashtags. Check out this flipsnack with some samples of their work!

Garry Marshall had his groups use Google Virtual Tour Builder to create a tour of the Northwestern United States. Students included locations, images, and descriptions for locations in this region. Looking to do this activity with students? Try these short directions.

Check out some more awesome pictures of the day!

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