Word Study Practice with Word Mover

Do you need a new, FUN and different technology center for your students to practice their word study words? Check out the free app, Word Mover or the website Word Mover! This program was created by Read Write Think to help students create poetry by choosing words from a word bank and manipulating the text. However, there is also an option to add your own words! Students can choose from a variety of colorful backgrounds and add their word study words to the screen. I would have the students choose a different background for each sort. Once words are added, those who use iPads can send their creations to the Camera Roll and then upload their work into an interactive whiteboard app like Educreations, Doceri or ShowMe to explain their sort and practice reading their words.

If you don't have iPads in your classroom, then have your students save their pictures to their desktop and import them into Powerpoint or Keynote slides. Then they can do a voice over that explains their words.

Or, if you want a quick and simple station, have your students create something like this: