Videolicious and CoSketch


Today two of my coworkers came to one of my elementary schools today to do a couple of lessons with me. We worked in a first grade classroom using the iPads and then in a second grade classroom using the laptops.

In a first grade class we had a blast doing an app smash on the iPads! The students used two different apps to create videos on wants vs. needs. The first app that they used to make their videos was Doodle Buddy. This is a great picture making app that the students used to make the title slide for their video. They wrote their title and then stamped a picture of a want and a picture of a need. Once the students had their title slide they saved it to the camera roll, and were ready to start snapping some pictures. They searched the classrooms for 5-6 examples of wants and needs. When they found an example that they liked they took a picture. We had all of the pieces, so now the students just needed to make their videos! To put the pictures and title slide together the students used Videolicious. This is an amazing app! It takes you through step by step instructions to record an introduction, import pictures, and record a voiceover. When you open the app it allows you to select the pictures in the order that you would like to use them in the video. Once the pictures have been selected the students were prompted by the app to begin their video. They recorded a quick introduction and then selected the pictures they wanted to show up as they continued to speak for the voiceover. The students did an AMAZING job navigating through the app. *All students in the videos of this post were allowed to be photographed*

                                                                                                                              Group 1:
Group 2: Group 3: Group 4: Group 5: Group 6: Group 7: Group 8: Group 9:

In 2nd grade we did a fun project centered on habitats. Students went to the site, Habitat Maker, and chose a habitat to create. They took a screenshot of their final product and saved it to their desktop. Next, students collaborated in pairs from their individual computers and hopped on a CoSketch board that was shared with a partner. CoSketch is an online collaborative board where students can add pictures, draw, and even communicate through a chat feature. The best part about this site is that teachers don’t even need to make accounts! They uploaded the picture of their habitat and worked together to label their pictures in real time using their habitat vocabulary: prey, predator, living, nonliving, arctic, desert, grasslands, forest, wet, rainy, snowy, cold, warm, etc. Click on the thumbnails below to see their final products:

  thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail