Glencoe Virtual Math Manipulatives Site: *AMAZING*

If you have not heard of McGraw Hill's Glencoe Virtual Manipulatives site, then stop what you are doing and go check it out NOW...click {HERE}. Pre-K through 8th grade have manipulatives readily available with one click. Game boards, story boards, work mats, animated dice, animated spinners and much more are housed in this one site.

Create word problems:

Change up your spinners for probability:

Practice filling in a blank calendar:

Practice Place Value:

Practice measuring lines with a digital protractor:

Play different math games:

I could keep going on and on! What a great tool to incorporate in your math centers or even whole group demonstrations :)

Our Virginia SOL tests have TEI (Technology Enhanced Items) questions that involve students manipulating digital tools when answering the increased rigor questions. This site would be FABULOUS practice to help them become better equipped to work with these type of problems!