Tech Takeout on TV!

The #TechTakeout Crew made it to TV! Check out our segment on School Matters! Starts about 40 seconds in. Check out the Tech Takeout Crew’s segment on HCPS-TV’s School Matters. This was from our trip to Trevvett and Fair Oaks Elementary. Our segment starts about 40 seconds in. http://henrico.k12.va.us/hcpstv/2014-15/SM/sm-111914-3.html  


  1. Hey! So cool:) Was that you in the Chefs hat? I have to say that traveling around to schools like this would drive me insane but the teachers must love you guys! That one guy said he was a resource teacher- so he stays in the school all the time? Where do you guys work out of? The main school office? Do any schools around you have full time computer teachers or is this how technology works in your area for schools?

    1. I was the Egyptian in the purple :) Yes, the resource teacher stays at the same school. He was an ITRT with us last year so he invited us to his school. We have four different schools to manage so it is a different school Mon-Thurs.. On Fridays we either have elementary ITRT meetings, county ITRT meetings or have an extra day to go back to one of our schools or do a day like this one in the video. I WISH we had full time computer teachers. That is my DREAM job. What state are you in? Maybe I need to move...