Temperature Lesson

Today 3rd graders at one of the elementary schools I work at reviewed reading temperatures using thermometers. We originally wanted to use our county's GoTemps but unfortunately they weren't available this week. Instead, we had fun practicing and creating with the following tools... To warm up, all students joined a simple Today's Meet chat room and we projected the Google Presentation below on the Promethean board (feel free to use!).

Students responded to the questions by typing either a "C" for Celsius or a "F" for Fahrenheit.

Next, students opened a Powerpoint template that I had created (Thank you Graphics from the Pond for the graphics). I used screenshots of the thermometers that I manipulated in the Digital Manipulative site: Glencoe Math Manipulatives. Students filled in the Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees for the thermometers on five different slides. Next, they searched for pictures of APPROPRIATE clothing they would wear if it was that specific temperature outside. We ran out of time so most students added clothing to just the first couple of slides. Last, students recorded their voices "presenting" their work. Here is an example:

Temperature (1) from Julie on Vimeo.

 This was an hour lesson. If I were to do it again I would try and tack on an extra 15 minutes!