1st Grade Coin Recognition: iPad Project

Today we had fun during math in first grade! Students have to be able to recognize the penny, nickel, dime and quarter as well as know how much each coin is worth. We did a mini app smash to practice this skill...

First, students chose a partner and went to the free app, SchoolKit Math. There, they navigated to the money board and created a visual representation of each coin by locating one penny, nickel, dime and quarter to drag to the free space, sequenced the coins in order from least to greatest and then had to write in what each is worth using the pencil tool. I taught students how to take a screenshot of their work board. Next, we opened the free app, Sticky, and started creating an "All About Coins" poster. Students added a title, pulled in their screenshot of their money work board, and then used digital sticky notes to label each coin with the appropriate name. As a final touch, students took a picture of their partner to add to their digital poster! I was SUPER impressed with this class and how well they followed directions and worked nicely with their partner. Check out their creations: