Multiplication Mentors: Be Appy Monday

This month I have been working with a 3rd grade teacher who is working on a project for our county's yearly technology competition. She named her project Multiplication Mentors. Certain multiplication facts can be tricky for students this age to master and she wanted her students to come up with their own creative ways to remember products to facts that lack a certain "trick". 

The project started with students researching the hardest facts for kids their age to master. They found interesting information such as: males are faster at solving multiplication facts but tend to be less accurate. After a day of research, students self-selected a partner and decided on one fact that they could teach another student their age in an innovative way.

Students devised a plan of action with their partner of how they would creatively teach another student their fact. Ideas included but weren't limited to a poem, digital poster, movie, song/rap, or a comic strip. They were offered the following choices of digital platforms to carry out their plan: Pixie, Comic Life, Powerpoint, Google Presentation/Movenote, or the apps, Video Star, TeleStory or Pic&Vid Stitch.

Once students finished their creation, we uploaded their work to Vimeo and compiled all of the projects into this Symbaloo that was posted on a page on the teacher's blog:

A small group of students got together and created digital flashcards using Funnelbrain and embedded the cards underneath the Symbaloo. This made an excellent practice site for those hard to master facts!

My FAVORITE project from above is one that I want to highlight for Tech with Jen's Be Appy Monday link-up.

Two girls from this class wanted to teach 12x8 by singing a song. They re-wrote the lyrics to the popular Frozen song, Let it Go, and used the FREE app, Video Star, to film themselves singing. This app is only for lip syncing so we had to get creative! We imported the Let it Go instrumental version into Video Star and the girls sang their song. Next, we uploaded their video through Google Drive to a laptop and pulled it into Windows Movie Maker. There, they recorded a voice over and  published their movie! They girls absolutely LOVED and were so PROUD of their video.

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