Selfie Writing Prompts

Kids LOVE selfies. PERIOD. Why not incorporate a good selfie into your classroom activities? Have you seen those "fun" webcam sites? I blogged about one not too long ago when I wrote about {THIS} descriptive writing activity.

This past weekend I stumbled upon another site that has TONS of really cute "cams" that your students could use for writing prompts. It is called Fun Face Cam. Have them take a "selfie" using one of the cams and then import their picture into a Google Doc, Google Presentation, or any word processing doc to kick off their writing! Note: I took a screenshot of my pictures rather than signing into the site and saving.

Something to consider...a few of the cams might be slightly questionable for elementary kids. I would find the cam(s) you want to use, click on them and then copy that url to paste in your student server, Portaportal, Google Classroom, Blackboard, Edmodo Classroom or whatever you use to compile sites for your students to visit.