The Scientific Method Project

I have been working hard with a 5th grade class to bring YOUR class an interactive website to learn more about and investigate the different parts of the Scientific Method. If you are ever curious about something in our world and want to conduct an experiment, be sure to visit this 5th grade website to learn all you can...OR, carry out THIS project out with your own students...

Students self-selected groups for this entire project and got to choose one of the major components of the scientific method to become "experts" on: hypothesis, materials, variables, constant, experiment/data collection, or conclusion. They worked on a collaborative Google Doc to create questions about their scientific method component which helped guide their research! Next, students used a kid-friendly search engine of their choice to find important information to add to their collaborative Google Doc. The groups chose a digital format of their choice to "teach" other kids about their scientific method concept.

Group Choices during this project were:
Hypothesis: Made an ActivInpsire flipchart and did a screencast of their presentation
Materials: Used Movie Maker, the Dell Webcam for video and an iPad to take pictures
Constants: Powerpoint with voiceover
Variables/Control: Used the iPad app, YakIt, and Movie Maker to compile all clips
Data Collection: Powerpoint with voiceover
Conclusion: Pixie Movie

The class voted on two peers to be the technology gurus who designed the website as well as collected and uploaded all of the projects. They also asked the class to brainstorm some ideas for questions they could add at the end of the website to make it more interactive.

The technology gurus did an incredible job creating the website using CheckThis. Click the image below to take you to their website. Please share with your class and have them answer the questions at the end! If they sign into their Google account they can add comments and "like" the site.


Speaking of the Scientific Method, I just uploaded my newest product: The Scientific Method Interactive Powerpoint and Student Recording sheet. Check it out:

Need some Scientific Method activities? Check out this pack: