Quizizz: FREE Student Response System

A few years ago I showed my teachers the popular student response system/game, Kahoot. I LOVE Kahoot but I know some kids are already tired of seeing the same set up. Recently I tried out a similar student response system, Quizizz, and it proved to be a great alternative to Kahoot if you are interested in changing things up a bit.

Quizizz operates just like Kahoot in which students visit a site (http://www.quizizz.com/join) and enter a 5 digit code to access the quiz that is linked to the teacher's account. Teachers can create their own quiz OR find a pre-made quiz (just double check to make sure the pre-made quizzes are exactly what you want!)

A difference between Kahoot and Quizizz is that Quizizz is self-paced. The quiz questions are randomized. As children advance through the questions at their own pace, Quizizz will tell them if they are correct or not. It also lets them know what place they are ranked compared to their other classmates. Once students finish their quiz, they can see the questions they missed AND the correct answer.

The teacher is able to see a detailed report of which students missed what questions which is great for remediation:

You can also click the "Save Data" button and download a spreadsheet of the results!

Use Quizizz as a quick exit card or an alternative assessment! Your students will LOVE it :)

Here is what the students see (I did have to switch back to the teacher account in the beginning to press START...also, it was just ME playing so of course I ranked #1 even after missing a question!)