Static vs. Dynamic QR Codes

Static vs Dynamic QR Codes: What's the difference?
It has been a few years since I was a classroom teacher but I know for a fact that teachers and students STILL love QR Codes. I remember the very first time I ever introduced the concept of QR codes to my 2nd graders. They were absolutely mesmorized by the "magic" behind scanning a funky looking black square to receive answers, websites, recordings, videos, etc. right on their screen. Christmas came early when I taught them how to make their own QR codes. Within weeks I had students creating their own task cards for our class to use as extra practice.  I saw reluctant readers recording themselves reading because they just wanted to turn their recording into a QR code to help a younger child with THEIR reading. There are so many powerful things you can do with QR codes and I have blogged about many right here on The Techie Teacher.

Today I wanted to share the difference between two types of QR Codes. Most teachers are just familiar with Static QR Codes. Students scan the code to take them to a specific destination (URL, text, an images, etc.) When this QR code is printed, that's it. It can't be changed. If the URL that was entered no longer works, then you have to throw that QR code away.


Dynamic QR Codes! A Dynamic QR code allows you to place a short URL into the QR code and then EDIT/CHANGE it to something different at a later time! For instance, if I had a big QR code hanging on my classroom wall that would take my students to a specific website all about the Water Cycle, I could keep the SAME QR code taped to my wall throughout the year and just change the URL that is linked to that code. So the next day when my students scan the QR code, it could take them to a different website. Save the earth people! Save your ink! Dynamic QR codes can change your world :P

Most QR generator websites charge to create and track Dynamic QR Codes or have a limited number of scans. However, I have had great success with UQR.me. You only get one free dynamic QR code but that is all you really need for your classroom. All you need to do is register for a free account! There are other sites out there, you just have to really look for them :)

Here are a few ideas for Dynamic QR Codes:

1. Website of the Day
2. Video of the Day (view the video and write a response)
3. Riddle of the Day (Have a riddle or problem printed in your room. Use the QR code to reveal the answer. I would use a Google Doc and just change the answer via Google Drive)
4. Directions of the Day
5. Mystery Reader recording
6. Classroom Reward of the Day (reveal "Lunch with the Teacher", "Pick any seat for the day", etc)
7. Check work (provide an answer key to independent practice)
8. Google Form for a quiz or survey
9. Student Writer of the Week: Link a child's typed paper to this QR code for their peers to read on their devices
10. PDF reading of the day

Here is an example of a Dynamic QR Code that I used on my "Brain Busters" Bulletin Board. Students would scan the code to reveal a "Pondering Puzzle" or riddle of some sort. I would just login to the site and change the problem each morning before the kids arrived.

As you start back to school and begin decorating for the new year, think about having a dynamic QR code somewhere in your display. Trust me, your kids will love it and I think you will too :)

Do you use Dynamic QR codes in your classroom? If so, how do you like to use them? Which QR Code Generator do you use to create your Dynamic QR Codes?