Write About: Digital Writing for the Classroom

Do you use Write About in your classroom? This FREE online service truly motivates students to write and respond to writing. Any teacher can set up a free account and plug in their students' names and passwords. To login the student simply visits the website and clicks "Student":

 Then they enter their teacher's code, their username and password:

There is also an option to sign in with a Google account.

This website truly encourages reluctant writers by providing visual cues and an authentic audience. Students can choose from writing prompts with visuals like this:

They write a response, can record audio reading their piece (Extra proofreading? YES, please!) and post for a specific audience to read. If I were the teacher then I would require the child to record themselves reading their post since often times they don't catch their mistakes when reading in their head. Heck, I can't even catch all of MY mistakes when proofreading!

Write About has a ton of INTERESTING leveled writing prompts students can choose from. 

Students also have the option to create their own piece from scratch. They can even add their own image or photo! I REALLY like how the site makes the kids give credit to images that they do not own.

Students can receive annotated feedback on their drafts from their teacher. The posts can be viewed publicly, privately or by a specific group. Other readers can comment on the student's posts. The kids absolutely LOVE when they receive a new "message". 

Write About could also serve as a Read to Self center. Students can filter posts by grade level and topic.

Here is an example of a final post:

Of course, like most online tools, there is also a paid version. However, the FREE version will give you 40 student accounts that will allow for 5 posts each. You maybe thinking that five posts doesn't seem like a lot but we know that an upper elementary child needs to change things up so they don't get "bored". That's why teachers are constantly having to change up their writing center...KEEP THE INTEREST and MOTIVATION going. Try this out for a few weeks then head over to Google Drive. It NEVER hurts to dabble in different programs to see what works best for your kiddos.

Here are the different plans and pricing:

Have you used this with your students? I would love to hear what you think!