Moon Phases Project FREEBIE

Do you teach all about the moon and the different phases? Then you NEED to try this E-A-S-Y techie project that will get your kids practicing their sequencing and writing skills all in one activity.

Digital activity for learning about the phases of the moon: FREE technology project directions and grading rubric. Create an animated gif of the moon going through all of the different phases. A paperless project for Chromebooks, laptops and computers

Have your students make an animated gif (see below) of the 8 moon phases. They could either find their own copyright free images online or you could provide them with images that aren't arranged in order. I used Dancing Crayon Design's Moon Phases clipart that I found on TpT {HERE} for $3.50. This pack comes with black and white images, clip art style images, outlined images, photo style images and full cycle images of the moon phases...GREAT deal!

Next, head to a gif maker site like gifmaker.me and upload the 8 images. Arrange the pictures in order by dragging and dropping. Download the gif to your desktop.

Finally, get your students writing by adding their gif to a Google Doc or Google Slides and write a paragraph about the moon phases. Here is an example:

Here is a FREE set of step by step directions (screenshots included!) and grading rubric if you are interested in carrying this out with your students:
FREE moon phases technology project directions and rubric

Also, be sure to check out my newest instructional PowerPoint all about the moon phases:

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