Habitats and Animals iPad Project

Habitats and Animals iPad Activity

I had so much fun today working with 1st graders at one of my elementary schools. Students had been learning about different habitats and the animals that exist in each habitat. We wanted the students to be a part of their habitat so we did a fun little app smash project... 

First, students scanned a QR code that took them to {THIS} Google folder that contains different copyright free pictures of animals in their habitat. Each student chose a picture and saved it to their camera roll. Next, we imported their saved picture into the app, PicKids, and set it to be the background. Within that app, students were able to take a picture of their entire body and used the scissor tool to cut out their body. This "placed" them in their habitat. We added the title of their habitat and saved it to the Camera Roll.

Finally, students imported the PicKids creation into Chatterkid and made either the animal or themselves talk telling about their habitat and saved their video to the camera roll.

Students submitted their videos to my work collector.

It is important to note that we had previously used Chatterkid for a different project so they were very familiar with how this app operated and were able to fly through the last step! Check out some of their final creations:
Pond Habitat from Julie on Vimeo.
  Arctic Habitat from Julie on Vimeo.
Habitat from Julie on Vimeo.