FaceTalker App

I recently stumbled upon the FREE app, FaceTalker, and can't WAIT to get back to school and try it out with the kids. Okay, so maybe I can waaaaaaait; however, I'm pumped to try this out with the primary folks. It is one of those apps that is so super easy that even the young ones can create a snazzy project.

FaceTalker is another app that makes creations come alive and talk. If you have been following my blog for awhile then you will know how I like to take advantage of any opportunity for students to explain their thinking with an avatar app. Now I have a new one to add to our toolbox!

This app allows you to take any photo from your Photo Library and make it talk. You can accomplish this two ways. One, you can add the mouth wherever you like on the one image and record. Two (my favorite), you cut out a face that will do all of the talking and put it on another photo from your Photo Library to serve as your background image. Unlike other similar apps, I do not think there is a recording time limit! Woo hoo!

Here are a few ideas/examples that I quickly threw together for using this app in your classroom. Students can take a selfie and put their face on anyone or anything they are learning about in class!

White Tailed Deer from Julie on Vimeo.

Ancient Egypt from Julie on Vimeo.

Book Talk Summary from Julie on Vimeo.

Here is one I made using the background and stamps in Doodle Buddy. I saved this to the Camera Roll before pulling it into FaceTalker.

Math from Julie on Vimeo.

I made this one the same way except that I pulled this New Year's Resolution background I made into Doodle Buddy before drawing those beautiful vegetables :P

Resolution from Julie on Vimeo.

If you are interested in grabbing this New Year's Resolution FREEBIE, click the image below to take you to the FREE download:

Once you save the New Year's resolution template to the iPad's camera roll, open Doodle Buddy and set it as the background:

Draw in your body under the hat and a picture representation of your New Year's resolution:

If you would rather type a sentence to explain your resolution then click on the "Tt" tool to add text.

If you have never used the app, FaceTalker, and would like to carry out one of these projects, then follow these directions.

First, have your students get two images onto their camera roll by taking a selfie and finding an image from a copyright free website.

How else could we use this app in the classroom? I am interested in hearing YOUR ideas. Maybe you have already used it! Please share in the comments below :)