Valentine's Day Technology Integration Activities

5 EASY techie activities for Valentine's Day

Happy February! Here are a few ideas for some EASY techie activities you can carry out with your students this month:
ABCya's Talkify website is a fun one! Have your students create a heart with eyes in any sort of paint program you might have on your computer. I made the one below with the shapes in PowerPoint and saved it as a jpeg. Talkify will allow you to import your own image and add a mouth. You can then record! Have your students recite a poem to practice their fluency.

VDay Poem from Julie on Vimeo.

Use Festisite's text layout  to make your writing into a visual masterpiece! Have your students write a thoughtful Valentine's Day card to a family member, peer or community helper. Or, have students write adjectives to describe Valentine's Day. This site generates your text into a heart shape and creates a PDF for you to print. EASY!

Give students a "secret pal" to write an anonymous Valentine's Day card . See if they can guess who their secret pal might be! Students can use the site: The Ransomizer  for this activity. Simply type in your letter and the site generates a ransom note. You can send your note via email, grab the html code or screenshot the note to print. This would be a great way to boost morale in your classroom.
Happy Valentine's Day! I think you are one of the nicest people in our class. Thank you for always smiling and being so friendly to everyone. You rock!

Make a heart shaped word cloud filled with synonyms for the word "love". Or fill it with words that describe things you love! You can EASILY do this with the Word Hearts website.

I LOVE Read Write Think's Theme Poems website. When you are asked to select a theme, click on the Celebrations folder. There you will find a heart theme.

Next, you will be prompted to list words or phrases that remind you of a heart:

Then you title and write a poem about any topic of your choice. The words that you listed on the previous screen show up to help you write your poem. This is so nice for students that have a hard time thinking about what to write!

Finally, your poem turns into a PDF that you can print:

Valentine's Resources in my TpT Store: