Telling Time iPad Activity

Last week I worked with a first grade class who had been learning about the basics of telling time. Students at this age easily get the hands of the clock mixed up. Therefore, we did a fun little app smash to investigate this concept and to get the children to explain their thinking.

Telling Time iPad Activity idea using FREE apps

First, we visited my ALL TIME FAVORITE math app , SchoolKit Math. I blogged about this same app in my Kindergarten Measurement post.

This app gives you quick and easy access to many commonly used math manipulatives.

The app contains:

1. Number Line
2. Hundreds Chart
3. Ten Frame
4. Arrays
5. Money
6. Math Challenge
7. Fraction Kit
8. Number Houses
9. Tether Math
10. Number Tiles
11. Multiplication Table
12. Dot Grid
13. Bar Graph
14. Shapes
15. Algebra Tiles
16. Ruler 
17. Clock
18. Counters
19. Times Place
20. Line Graph
21. Comparisons
22. Multiply Fractions
23. Multiplication/Division Groups
24. Fact Families

We opened the CLOCKS manipulative and assigned the students a certain time to the nearest hour. Children who needed an extra "boost" were asked to make a time to the half hour. They wrote their time in the lower right hand corner using the pencil tool. Next, students were able to choose if they wanted their clock to show the digital minutes. You can make the minutes appear and disappear by tapping the :00 tool at the top:

We used the highlighting tool to color code the hands of the clock and make a key. (Ex. green=H (hour), pink=M(minute)).  Once students were finished (and the teachers checked their work), they took a screenshot. This app does not have a "save to the camera roll" option.

Next, we imported our clock creations into YakIt Kids. The students chose a mouth and a set of eyes to add to their clock. To wrap up the activity, students recorded their explanations.

Check out some of their movies:

Telling Time from Julie on Vimeo.
Super quick and easy! Give it a try if you have access to ipads :)

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